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Godspeed Blend

12 oz Whole Bean

Tasting Notes: Almond, Orange, Milk Chocolate
Roast Level: Medium
Origins: Africa + Central America
Seasonal Blend: 50% Zambia + 50% Honduras

The Godspeed blend was literally created and modified as we sat dreaming up a company together. We knew we would need a blend of coffees that could satisfy the big body coffee drinkers and the bright juicy coffee drinkers. We needed a happy medium that we were proud to put our name on. Godspeed is that blend. It’s full and sweet, that leaves everyone thinking, “Yep this is good coffee.” So try it with milk, pull it as espresso, French press it, or attempt your favorite method of choice and see what we are talking about. Whether you’re a specialty coffee veteran or new to the journey—Godspeed.