Colombia Huila Coocentral

Whole Bean Coffee

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Tasting Notes: Citrus, Papaya, Chocolate
Roast Level: Light 
Process: Washed
Origin: Colombia 
Region: Huila
Subregions: Various
Producer: COOCENTRAL (All Women's Lot)
Altitude: 1350-1800 MASL
Species: Arabica 
Caturra, Castilla
Grade: Excelso

This is our first year sourcing and working with COOCENTRAL (Central Coffee Growers Cooperative), a non profit and socially driven organization. The cooperative represents over 3,000 coffee growers in the center of Huila, specifically from the following seven towns: Garzón, Gigante, Agrado, El Pital, Tarqui, Suaza and Guadalupe.