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12 oz Whole Bean

Tasting Notes: Candy Apple, Dark Chocolate
Roast Level: Light
Process: Washed
Origin: Burundi
Region: Kayanza
Subregion: Munyinya
Producer: Long Miles Coffee Project
Altitude: 2000+ meters
Variety: Bourbon

Each time we break the seal of a bag of our current Burundi offering, it fills the room with its sweet, gummy candy aroma. We were quite taken with this coffee’s delicate sweetness, followed by its perfect balance. The finish is long-lasting, sweet, and tangy—like a ripe orange. Just in time for the slew of seasonal cold brew drinkers, who should be expecting a nice dark chocolate flavor over ice. If you would like to track the source of this coffee, head over to longmilescoffeeproject.com for their bio and current vision for their project. We hope you enjoy our first offering from Burundi.